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by Sandy Olsen on TRAPPRO
City & State: Gaithersburg Md

I just had some repair work done by your technician Joe and was very pleased with his work. He was professional and explained everything he did to me.I would recommend you company to anyone having rodent problems

by Rev. Michael Kelley on TRAPPRO
Squirrel evicted from church
City & State: Washington, DC

I called in a panic at 4pm on Thursday, Sept. 27 because a squirrel had dashed into our church through the open front door. Morgan who answered the phone could hear the panic in my voice as I explained that we had a church service that evening. She reassured me that help would come soon to evict the squirrel. Bradley arrived at 7pm to set up 3 traps and explain the process. The next afternoon Bradley came back to discover that the trap caught the squirrel! Both Morgan and Bradley were professional and compassionate.

by Dale on TRAPPRO
Exceptional Service
City & State: Springfield, VA

Saw signs of squirrel activity, and took actions to install new soffit vents. However, there were squirrel babies in attic and mama squirrel came back on a Saturday and began tearing up fascia! I panicked, but called for help that eve, and TrapPro came out Monday. Bradley was great! Professional, focused on solution, but answered questions and quickly explained my problem and the remedy. Went to work, and within 24 hours we had mama and one baby in trap, with both removed next day to be relocated. Highly recommend TrapPro -- thank you Bradley! Dale

by Ashok on TRAPPRO
Would Definitely Recommend
City & State: Boyds, MD

Bradley was extremely helpful. Explained clearly the cause of the problem and the remedy. Took his time and didn't rush at all. Would definitely recommend.

by Keith on TRAPPRO
Professional & Prompt Service
City & State: Washington DC

Thank you for the professional and prompt service. I am very happy with the work done and the service – and I didn’t see any sign of pigeons last night. Will keep your company in mind for any future issues, and recommend to friends if the need arises.

by Google Review on TRAPPRO
Trappro was Great!
City & State: Maryland

Trappro was great! They worked on getting rid of our bat problem untl they were completely gone. The second time they came back they worked with no charges to us and remedied the problem. They were extremely professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone with wildlife issues invading home space. Thanks again Trappro.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Raccoon Removal
City & State: Maryland

Great, they arrived on time, diagnosed the problem, and resolved it. They kept me informed all through the process. They had to remove a raccoon, come back to verify nothing else had moved in, and then repair the area.

by Facebook Review on TRAPPRO
Glad I Called Them
City & State: Crofton, Maryland

This is the local Crofton company I use. Humane trapping and relocation of critters. Glad I called them. True animal lovers, or they wouldn’t be in this business. Helping Crofton area home owners co-exist with the wildlife in our beautiful Crofton woods.

by Google Review on TRAPPRO
Great Coordination, Quick Response
City & State: Maryland

Great coordination, quick response (less than 24 hours between call and service completion), very polite, and great (warrantied) work.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Bird Removal & Vent Cover Installation
City & State: Maryland

A bird got in my dryer vent and nested before I knew it was there. The bird and two of the babies fell down beside the actual dryer, still in the venting. I called Trappro and was immediately scheduled within 24 hours. The technician called the next day and was available to come a little early, if I could support the appointment. He was professional, informative, and very kind to the birds who lived through the experience. I really appreciated the politeness of the person that schedule the appoint and the technician. The service work was great and I knew what was going on the entire time. Now my vent is bird free, cleaned out, and I even have a warranty for their work including pest recently for ten years.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Squirrel Removal
City & State: Maryland

They removed squirrels from our attic and sealed up the entrance. They were terrific. Communicative, professional, timely and effective.

by Homeadvisor Review on TRAPPRO
Very Pleased
City & State: Beltsvillle, MD

The tech arrived at the house 30 minutes into the 3-hour window. He quickly assessed what the issues were. He checked the venting in the bathroom from the outside first. He then pulled down the room fan from the bathroom ceiling, cleaned out all residue from vents, then went outside and connected a bird guard (mesh) over my outside vent. I was very pleased with the customer service and quality of work performed.

by Homeadvisor Review on TRAPPRO
Great & Fast Service
City & State: District Heights, Maryland

Great and fast service. Price a little high but worth it in the long run.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Animals in Attic
City & State: Maryland

Trap pro trapped the squirrels over the course of a few days and then sealed up the opening.

We are so glad that we could resolve your squirrel issue, Please be sure to keep in touch if you find there is any other reason for our services. We appreciate your business!

by Google Review on TRAPPRO
Excellent Help
City & State: Maryland

Morgan and Wendy were excellant help.to me. They were able to resolve all my problems for me. I will look forward to using their services again. If i ever have problems again.

by Tom on TRAPPRO
Squirrel Removal
City & State: Germantown, Md

I recently discovered squirrels in my attic (not a pleasant experience). Trappro came out promptly, assessed the situation, and within a week had humanely removed the squirrels and patched the damage. They also looked over my whole house and made recommendations and provided a proposal for fixing the damage and implementing other preventative measures. I had an excellent experience in removing the squirrels. Trappro personnel were professional, friendly, expert, and very efficient. I highly recommend them.

by Yelp Review on TRAPPRO
Recommend to All
City & State: Vienna VA

The Team was patient and amazing. The project was challenging and ended very successfully. I would recommend to all. Fox is not an easy trap.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Sealed Up Our Attic
City & State: Howard County MD

Suspected bats in attic. They inspected. Did not think there were bats. Advised us on how to seal attic. Then performed the work to seal it. The process went well.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Critter in Our Attic
City & State: Annapolis MD

We had a critter in our attic and were pretty sure it was a raccoon. I scheduled an appointment for TrapPro to come out. They set up a trap on the roof and a reverse trap coming out of the attic vent and then they came out every morning to check the traps. After about five days the raccoon was in the trap on the roof and they took it away. We then scheduled them to come out and disinfect the attic and cover the attic vent with a heavy duty mesh. Everything went well and we are happy to have the raccoon gone.

by Yelp Review on TRAPPRO
I Will Use This Company Again
City & State: Upper Marlboro Maryland

To my horror my adventure began in June when I heard scratching sounds over my head in a three story townhome. I had a friend go into the attic to figure out what was going on and he came back with the news that I had new tenants ~ bats. I immediately started my research on the internet to educate myself on how to encourage my tenants to leave.I began my research on "Angie's List" as that website has been very helpful in the past, as far as experts that could assist. I contacted two companies that specialized in the safe removal of bats. In getting the estimates on my new project, I was distressed at how expensive the endeavor would be. To my good fortune, I was taking a walk in my neighborhood and saw a company truck for TrapPro Humane Wildlife Removal.I contacted the office and spoke with Wendy and she sent a gentleman by the name of George to review my property, observe the attic, and finally to confirm that I did have bats. George was very professional, knowledgeable, and patient with all of my questions, as I thought I was now a subject matter expert. I was given an estimate, next steps, and a timeline. Within 24 hours, Wendy contacted me again and we had an appointment set for the early part of September.The three vulnerable entry points of my home were sealed, an exclusion trap (a customized box that allowed the bats to safely fly out, but with no return) was installed. This exclusion trap was left in place for three weeks (I did not have to be home for the removal process), and a note was left on my door to let me know that the project was complete.The whole process was very convenient, Wendy in the office was very efficient and kept me informed of all of the steps necessary to complete my project. The gentleman that came to complete the job was very informed, patient, cleaned up behind himself and most importantly ~ punctual!I would recommend this company with no reservations and can promise you that they are very competitive as far as the fees charged for their services. If you have a project that requires the safe and humane removal of wildlife, I would call TrapPro first! Take a peek at their website - trappro.com. I hope that I will not have any other adventures with wildlife trying to move in, but you can bet that I will use this company again.

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