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by Crystal R. on TRAPPRO
Great Service!
City & State: Centreville, VA

I met with George to take care of a squirrel problem in our basement. George was professional and quite knowledgeable. He located the squerril (thnak goodness it was only one) and set a trap in order to catch it. He then found that she entered our home through the chimney. Not only was George on time but the price I paid is the price I was quoted over the phone. I want to also add that I called around to several other well known pest control companies and I either could not get a hold of anyone or they hung up on me or I was told i would get a call back and it never happened. I would recommend TrapPro anytime!! I was very satisfied with the service and really appreciate the techician showing up on time.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Mother raccoon and young babies removed from attic - repairs to apex areas of roof where wildlife could enter.
City & State: Maryland

Could not have gone better. Although a trap was baited and set up on the roof it was not needed. Joe encouraged the mother to move her babies on her own by spraying male raccoon scent into the attic.( Mothers with babies want to be far from the males as they may harm the young.) Mama spent 2 days moving young to a new more appropriate (woodland) home and then, once confirmed that she was no longer using the roof entrance she had found and enlarged, we had repairs done to seal the apex areas (compromised roof soffits etc. that were, or could have been used by wildlife to get into our attic). Joe, Mike and T.J. were all great to work with.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Removal of Birds from a vent
City & State: Maryland

A bird got in my bathroom exhaust vent and nested before I knew it was there. I called Trappro and scheduled an appointment. The technician arrived as scheduled and finished the job quickly. He was professional, thorough and informative during the service call. The service work was good and I knew what was going on the entire time. Now my vent is bird free, cleaned out, and I even have a warranty for their work including pest removal for five years.

by Melissa N on TRAPPRO
Honest People
City & State: Centreville, VA

I swore we had squirrels in our attic, but after Steve inspected the attic and roof line, he told me that we didn't--the scratching/gnawing sound we were hearing was coming from the outside. He said that he would love to charge me for trapping squirrels, but didn't see the point. I greatly appreciated his honesty. Please note that Steve did recommend a plan for wrapping the rake board to keep any squirrels out.

by Yelp Review by Terry R. on TRAPPRO
Squirrel Removal
City & State: Springfield, VA

From start to finish, Trappro was terrific. The receptionist Morgan was pleasant and reassuring that the problem could be solved - and she was right. David, the diagnostician, and Bradley, the trapper, were as personable as they were professional and very knowledgeable. The squirrels are gone, but past experience tells us that others will be back and we'll certainly use Trappro again.

by Kathy on TRAPPRO
Exceptional Service
City & State: Fairfax, VA

Joe and Ryan were professional, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. Their work was thorough, neat and complete. They arrived on time, and were very pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend TrapPro.

by Sandy Olsen on TRAPPRO
City & State: Gaithersburg Md

I just had some repair work done by your technician Joe and was very pleased with his work. He was professional and explained everything he did to me.I would recommend you company to anyone having rodent problems

by Rev. Michael Kelley on TRAPPRO
Squirrel evicted from church
City & State: Washington, DC

I called in a panic at 4pm on Thursday, Sept. 27 because a squirrel had dashed into our church through the open front door. Morgan who answered the phone could hear the panic in my voice as I explained that we had a church service that evening. She reassured me that help would come soon to evict the squirrel. Bradley arrived at 7pm to set up 3 traps and explain the process. The next afternoon Bradley came back to discover that the trap caught the squirrel! Both Morgan and Bradley were professional and compassionate.

by Dale on TRAPPRO
Exceptional Service
City & State: Springfield, VA

Saw signs of squirrel activity, and took actions to install new soffit vents. However, there were squirrel babies in attic and mama squirrel came back on a Saturday and began tearing up fascia! I panicked, but called for help that eve, and TrapPro came out Monday. Bradley was great! Professional, focused on solution, but answered questions and quickly explained my problem and the remedy. Went to work, and within 24 hours we had mama and one baby in trap, with both removed next day to be relocated. Highly recommend TrapPro -- thank you Bradley! Dale

by Ashok on TRAPPRO
Would Definitely Recommend
City & State: Boyds, MD

Bradley was extremely helpful. Explained clearly the cause of the problem and the remedy. Took his time and didn't rush at all. Would definitely recommend.

by Keith on TRAPPRO
Professional & Prompt Service
City & State: Washington DC

Thank you for the professional and prompt service. I am very happy with the work done and the service – and I didn’t see any sign of pigeons last night. Will keep your company in mind for any future issues, and recommend to friends if the need arises.

by Google Review on TRAPPRO
Trappro was Great!
City & State: Maryland

Trappro was great! They worked on getting rid of our bat problem untl they were completely gone. The second time they came back they worked with no charges to us and remedied the problem. They were extremely professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone with wildlife issues invading home space. Thanks again Trappro.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Raccoon Removal
City & State: Maryland

Great, they arrived on time, diagnosed the problem, and resolved it. They kept me informed all through the process. They had to remove a raccoon, come back to verify nothing else had moved in, and then repair the area.

by Facebook Review on TRAPPRO
Glad I Called Them
City & State: Crofton, Maryland

This is the local Crofton company I use. Humane trapping and relocation of critters. Glad I called them. True animal lovers, or they wouldn’t be in this business. Helping Crofton area home owners co-exist with the wildlife in our beautiful Crofton woods.

by Google Review on TRAPPRO
Great Coordination, Quick Response
City & State: Maryland

Great coordination, quick response (less than 24 hours between call and service completion), very polite, and great (warrantied) work.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Bird Removal & Vent Cover Installation
City & State: Maryland

A bird got in my dryer vent and nested before I knew it was there. The bird and two of the babies fell down beside the actual dryer, still in the venting. I called Trappro and was immediately scheduled within 24 hours. The technician called the next day and was available to come a little early, if I could support the appointment. He was professional, informative, and very kind to the birds who lived through the experience. I really appreciated the politeness of the person that schedule the appoint and the technician. The service work was great and I knew what was going on the entire time. Now my vent is bird free, cleaned out, and I even have a warranty for their work including pest recently for ten years.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Squirrel Removal
City & State: Maryland

They removed squirrels from our attic and sealed up the entrance. They were terrific. Communicative, professional, timely and effective.

by Homeadvisor Review on TRAPPRO
Very Pleased
City & State: Beltsvillle, MD

The tech arrived at the house 30 minutes into the 3-hour window. He quickly assessed what the issues were. He checked the venting in the bathroom from the outside first. He then pulled down the room fan from the bathroom ceiling, cleaned out all residue from vents, then went outside and connected a bird guard (mesh) over my outside vent. I was very pleased with the customer service and quality of work performed.

by Homeadvisor Review on TRAPPRO
Great & Fast Service
City & State: District Heights, Maryland

Great and fast service. Price a little high but worth it in the long run.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Animals in Attic
City & State: Maryland

Trap pro trapped the squirrels over the course of a few days and then sealed up the opening.

We are so glad that we could resolve your squirrel issue, Please be sure to keep in touch if you find there is any other reason for our services. We appreciate your business!

by Google Review on TRAPPRO
Excellent Help
City & State: Maryland

Morgan and Wendy were excellant me. They were able to resolve all my problems for me. I will look forward to using their services again. If i ever have problems again.

by Tom on TRAPPRO
Squirrel Removal
City & State: Germantown, Md

I recently discovered squirrels in my attic (not a pleasant experience). Trappro came out promptly, assessed the situation, and within a week had humanely removed the squirrels and patched the damage. They also looked over my whole house and made recommendations and provided a proposal for fixing the damage and implementing other preventative measures. I had an excellent experience in removing the squirrels. Trappro personnel were professional, friendly, expert, and very efficient. I highly recommend them.

by Yelp Review on TRAPPRO
Recommend to All
City & State: Vienna VA

The Team was patient and amazing. The project was challenging and ended very successfully. I would recommend to all. Fox is not an easy trap.

by Yelp Review by Suzette on TRAPPRO
Squirrel Removal
City & State: Germantown, MD

I have an office upstairs and in mid fall started hearing scratching above me. I suspected squirrels . I consulted Angie's List and found Trappro. George came out and assessed our problem. It was indeed squirrels. Traps were set- first with bait , but no trap set to get animals used to trap over the weekend- Then Monday traps were set- Over the next three days 6 squirrels were caught ( and released a far distance from my house) Then an exit only was set up. Finally all entry points and possible entry points and damaged areas were addressed. All very quickly and professionally- with a warranty- and at a reasonable cost. Wendy is the lady that set everything up and did a great job!! Kudos Trappro!

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Sealed Up Our Attic
City & State: Howard County MD

Suspected bats in attic. They inspected. Did not think there were bats. Advised us on how to seal attic. Then performed the work to seal it. The process went well.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Critter in Our Attic
City & State: Annapolis MD

We had a critter in our attic and were pretty sure it was a raccoon. I scheduled an appointment for TrapPro to come out. They set up a trap on the roof and a reverse trap coming out of the attic vent and then they came out every morning to check the traps. After about five days the raccoon was in the trap on the roof and they took it away. We then scheduled them to come out and disinfect the attic and cover the attic vent with a heavy duty mesh. Everything went well and we are happy to have the raccoon gone.

by Yelp Review on TRAPPRO
I Will Use This Company Again
City & State: Upper Marlboro Maryland

To my horror my adventure began in June when I heard scratching sounds over my head in a three story townhome. I had a friend go into the attic to figure out what was going on and he came back with the news that I had new tenants ~ bats. I immediately started my research on the internet to educate myself on how to encourage my tenants to leave.I began my research on "Angie's List" as that website has been very helpful in the past, as far as experts that could assist. I contacted two companies that specialized in the safe removal of bats. In getting the estimates on my new project, I was distressed at how expensive the endeavor would be. To my good fortune, I was taking a walk in my neighborhood and saw a company truck for TrapPro Humane Wildlife Removal.I contacted the office and spoke with Wendy and she sent a gentleman by the name of George to review my property, observe the attic, and finally to confirm that I did have bats. George was very professional, knowledgeable, and patient with all of my questions, as I thought I was now a subject matter expert. I was given an estimate, next steps, and a timeline. Within 24 hours, Wendy contacted me again and we had an appointment set for the early part of September.The three vulnerable entry points of my home were sealed, an exclusion trap (a customized box that allowed the bats to safely fly out, but with no return) was installed. This exclusion trap was left in place for three weeks (I did not have to be home for the removal process), and a note was left on my door to let me know that the project was complete.The whole process was very convenient, Wendy in the office was very efficient and kept me informed of all of the steps necessary to complete my project. The gentleman that came to complete the job was very informed, patient, cleaned up behind himself and most importantly ~ punctual!I would recommend this company with no reservations and can promise you that they are very competitive as far as the fees charged for their services. If you have a project that requires the safe and humane removal of wildlife, I would call TrapPro first! Take a peek at their website - I hope that I will not have any other adventures with wildlife trying to move in, but you can bet that I will use this company again.

by Yelp Review on TRAPPRO
Highly Recommend
City & State: Severna Park, MD

I highly recommend Trappro for all of your pest control needs and I will refer them to all my friends and family. I was impressed and felt as if they were really experts at what they were doing. Squirrels had caused damage to my roof, siding and soffit. Trappro not only took care of the squirrels in my attic, but also fixed all the damages they had caused. Everything looks brand new, perfect and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Trappro, you get an A+.

by Melana B. on TRAPPRO
What a Great Decision!
City & State: Bethesda, MD

What a great decision I made calling Trappro! George came out and knew exactly what to do. He was thorough and knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I appreciate him removing those pesky trash pandas from my home. I CAN SLEEP IN PEACE NOW!!! Thanks George!

by Facebook Review on TRAPPRO
Squirrels in Attic
City & State: Bethesda Maryland

I had squirrels running wild in my attic. I called Trappro and the girl in the office was very nice – very efficient! She got me scheduled with a technician the next day! Steve came out and had no problem taking all the time in the world with me to make sure that I understood where the squirrels were coming in from (this is my first time ever dealing with anything like this). I live in a townhouse, so he let me know that completing the repairs on my house were the most important. The best part was that he told me they also complete all of their own repairs! Definitely would recommend this company!

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Excellent Job
City & State: Maryland

Very well, The staff was professional and did an excellent job of keeping the worksite clean.. They set an exit trap for any visitors to leave and not get back in. They sealed all areas that had small openings for visitors to enter and replace areas with aluminum.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Remove raccoons from attic, cleanup and repair.
City & State: Crofton Maryland

We were very pleased with the Trappro team, from the office folks who prepared our bill to help with insurance to the folks monitoring the traps to the folks in suits doing the cleanup and installing new insulation. Would definitely use again.

by Alan & Louise Caldwell on TRAPPRO
Makes It Right
City & State: Vienna, VA

We thought we had an animal odor problem in the attic which Steve addressed. After he left we realized that our situation had not been completely resolved. Steve came back right away and made good with no additional charge. Trained, licensed, makes it right with good customer service. Our kind of company.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Critter Trapping
City & State: Columbia Maryland

We had an unknown critter housed in roof. The TrapPro guys came out and set a live trap. On a daily basis they came and checked it. About a week after the trap was set a raccoon was captured. We haven't had a problem since. They were very professional in everything they did.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Removal of Dead Bird in Vent
City & State: Annapolis Maryland

Great! They are punctual, fast, and checked additional vents for closure.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Squirrels Living in Attic
City & State: Davidsonville, MD

Last fall I discovered squirrels living in my attic. Not sure if they had already nested so I wanted quick action.Trappro, showed up on time, were very professional placed and monitored the traps. Left me a report detailing that they trapped 3 squirrels and then offered to seal the hole permanently or temp. I paid the extra fee for the permanent fix. I haven't had a problems since then. I recommend them highly.

by Sylvia on TRAPPRO
More than great pros
City & State: Burtonsville, MD

From my initial call answered by a friendly caring person to the removal of mama squirrel and her juvenile it was a great experience. They gave me an apt within 24/hr. The 2 techs showed up on time and where so knowledgeable and friendly. They were very caring toward the squirrels,took great care in removing my microwave to gently push out the smaller squirrel and trapped it, Mama was next they even fed them peanuts made sure the 2 cages were close so they could see each other and released them in the woods together. They cleaned all the nesting material inside from the vent. They cover my vent with strong mesh,left my house clean. Everyone at Trap pro is friendly,knowledgeable, caring toward animals and homeowner. They offer extraordinary customer service. I recommend them to anyone with a wildlife issue.

by Yelp Review on TRAPPRO
Extraordinary Customer Service
City & State: Burtonsville, MD

Company with a extraordinary customer service. I call the number for Montgomery county. From the receptionist to the techs they were all friendly, extremely knowledgeable, caring toward the animals and myself. The technicians showed up ontime and well prepare. They remove a Mama squirrel and her Juvenile from my kitchen vent. They took great care not to hurt the animals. They removed my microwave cleaned the nesting material in the vent, cover the vent with a metal mesh. Put mu microwave back onto place made sure it was functioning. They released both squirrels together. They left my kitchen clean and the cost was less than the quote. Both techs were so nice, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about wildlife and very efficient. Great customer service is rare, this company as mastered it.I would recommend them to anyone with a wildlife issue.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Squirrels Removed from Attic
City & State: Maryland

First. squirrels needed to be removed from the attic. Then, fascia board needed to be removed, replaced and covered with aluminum.Steve, Joe and Bradley were prompt, professional and conscientious. They all did a great job. The day they came to replace and cover the fascia board was very windy. I thought it was too dangerous to be on the roof, but they did what they could and returned another day to finish the job. The quality of the work is outstanding at a very fair price. I highly recommend Trappro and will use them again if needed.

by j hooper on TRAPPRO
squirrels today, gone tomorrow
City & State: pasadena ,md.

George,justin and whoever did the follow up hole repairs THANK YOU! don't call anyone else,call trappro. {p.s.hope all squirrels are happy.}

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Trap & Remove Squirrel From Home
City & State: Bethesda Maryland

Trappro responded to my request for a quote very quickly, telling me exactly what was included in the flat fee. I spoke to Wendy on the phone and she gave me some pointers on how to determine the extent of my problem. Finally, I decided to engage Trappro. The technician came out and set out two traps on my roof. He estimated it would take 3 days to a week to settle my problem. One trap was adjacent to the hole in the siding that the squirrel had chewed through and one was placed on another section of the roof. The next day, Trappro came out to check the traps. This time they changed the trap next to the hole. On the third day, Trappro checked the traps and the squirrel had been caught. It was a pregnant female as they had predicted. They removed the squirrel but kept the traps in case there were additional squirrels inside. After several days of not hearing any further indoor activity, but hearing and seeing a squirrel engage the trap from the outside, Trappro determined that there were no additional squirrels in my home but that males were attracted to the smell of the female that had been there. They removed the traps and covered the hole with metal that would keep squirrels from entering again. In all, Trappro visited five times and discussed the issue with me at every step. Every assessment and prediction they made proved to be accurate. They solved my problem and restored my peace of mind.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Squirrels Nesting in Attic
City & State: Ellicott City Maryland

Squirrels nesting in attic needed to be trapped and removed.They were very thorough, set traps and checked them each day until we caught the pregnant squirrel. I actually had another company come out first to give me an estimate but they were more expensive and did not promise to trap the squirrel before sealing up my attic. Trappro was less expensive, more thorough, and got the job done.

by Yelp Review on TRAPPRO
Friendly & Efficient
City & State: Baltimore Maryland

Recently had a wildlife problem in one of our vents. Called trappro as referred by Brody Brothers- they were able to come out the next week (probably could have come sooner, but was working around my schedule). They were on time and got the job done quickly. The technician was very friendly and efficient. Would definitely recommend and use again should we have any other issues.

by Angies List Review on TRAPPRO
Raccoon Under Front Porch
City & State: Gaithersburg MD

The trapper came out around the same time each day. Friendly guy. His friendliness likely caused the capture of the animal. In causal conversation, he learned the raccoon had eaten me candy out of our garbage. He brightened after receiving this information, added candy to the trap as bait, and the raccoon was captured shortly thereafter. Had he not bothered to strike up a conversation, the animal may not have been caught.

by Katherine Harmon on TRAPPRO
City & State: Annapolis, MD

This company is great! We had squirrels in our attic and I was absolutely terrified. The owner came out to our home, put cloth over his shoes so he didn't drag in dirt and brought all his own tools. He had a great sense of humor, very approachable all while being professional. The guy who cane out daily to check the traps was just as great! My daughter and I started to look forward to him coming so that she could see the squirrels and hear his stories about his own farm! They are a very humane company, have excellent customer service and the best price in town. All over outstanding.

by Joe Stern on TRAPPRO
This is the only company to trust!
City & State: Alexandria, Virginia

If you have animals in your attic are looking for someone to get the job done, TrapPro is the outfit to utilize. I live in a tall town house which needed a 60 foot ladder to access the problem area. After getting four companies who advertise their ability to deal with my issue, it was clear to me that there was only one who took the time to properly diagnose the problem and offer a solution that was sensible and effective. The others were bug exterminators posing as animal removal experts. They did not even go on the roof to determine what the issue was. It was like they were guessing. The one that was likely most suited spent the majority of their time trying to sell me unneeded environmental services. Do yourself a favor, maybe pay a little more and hire the real experts, TrapPRO!

by Cathy Moore on TRAPPRO
Amazing service
City & State: Davidsonville, MD

I had a snake in my basement. Called Trappro and they were able to find, trap and remove the snake. Then the technicians trained eye spotted areas that may have been the entry point and suggested ways to block them and prevent another snake incident. He then mentioned that their company can do the prevention service and gave me an estimate. I had them do it and it was the best money ever spent. Turns out I have not had a problem since, but I have a lot less bugs in my basement as well. It's very hard to find a company that offers this kind of service. So worth the peace of mind!!!

by E. Roke on TRAPPRO
Real pros!
City & State: Bowie, MD

We had evidence of mice in the attic and the trick to solving the problem is finding out how they get in. The Pros from TrapPro were prompt, thorough and professional. They nailed it. I was impressed! Money well spent.

by Shirley Cole on TRAPPRO
very satisfied customer
City & State: Pasadena, MD

Talk about prompt service, I called at 8:25 a.m. gave my information, lethargic young raccoon in yard area, I was told someone would be there in 20 minutes and they were. Courteous and friendly too. Definitely do recommend Trappro.

by Yelp Review on TRAPPRO
Great Service
City & State: Washingonton DC

Great Service. On time. Professional. Helpful and informative. They came, captured the birds and cleaned out the venting system very quickly and easily. I was impressed and felt as if they were really experts at what they were doing. They gave me advice on preventing such issues from occurring in the future. Thank you. A +.

by Miriam Mittenthal on TRAPPRO
Foxes Gone!
City & State: Towson, MD

Trap Pro was willing to tackle the den of foxes living under our bedroom. No other company that we called would even
make an appointment. They thought the
problem through, and within a week the fox family had been caught (2) and they rest decided to vacate our crawl space. We are totally pleased.

by Yelp Review on TRAPPRO
Noise in the Attic
City & State: Derwood Maryland

It was 4:30 a.m. and I woke to the sound of something chewing on wood in the attic above me. I called Trappro the next morning and the technician arrived early for the two hour window I was provided. He was considerate of my carpeting and put on shoe covers.After explaining the noise he went into the attic and within two minutes confirmed I had a mouse problem.He installed traps in the attic and basement. He then inspected the exterior to locate their points of entry and recommend where I should seal gaps. I opted to let Trappro perform the exterior sealing as the price was fair and I wanted it done right.My mouse issue is resolved and the price I paid was way less than the quotes from the two major nationwide pest control services. (One of them said they would not even go into the attic?).I highly recommend Trappro for all of your pest control needs and I will refer them.

by Yelp Review on TRAPPRO
Very Good Experience
City & State: North Beach, Maryland

Carl was able to schedule a technician to come out within 48 hours. Steve took care of my squirrel problem using traps ahead of schedule. Overall, was a very good experience. Will be calling Trappro again if I have any future infestations.

by Daniel Collinson on TRAPPRO
Brid nest removal
City & State: Odenton, MD

I think Trappro offers extraordinary customer service. I used this wildlife company in 2015 to remove birds and their nest from my soffit. Eric did a wonderful job removing the bird nest and repairing my soffit. I cannot say enough about the positive attitude, and professionalism of Eric. Eric went the extra mile, when he did the work.. I highly recommend this company.

by Sharon on TRAPPRO
City & State: Perry Hall Maryland

Can't say enough good things about TrapPro. Eric was very polite, professional and patient as he answered my many questions. The job was very successful, Groundhogs were trapped and relocated. Thank you for a job well done.

by Alberta White on TRAPPRO
Extraordinary Customer Service
City & State: Alexandria, VA

Trappro continues to offer extraordinary customer service. I used this wildlife company in 2014 to remove squirrels from my attic, and perform contamination cleanup. Unfortunately, rat burrowed a hole at foundation and got into my home June 6, 2015. Wendy scheduled TJ to perform initial inspection June 10, and TJ met Dave and Justin at my home to explain repairs needed June 15. Dave and Justin did a wonderful job digging trench and installing footer and 1-way exclusion trap in a tight space. To finalize repairs, Steve removed exclusion trap and sealed hole June 25. I cannot say enough about the positive attitudes, and professionalism of Trappro's employees. Steve went the extra mile, moving boxes from my utility room to inspect for rodent activity. I highly recommend this company.

by Yelp Review on TRAPPRO
Honest Crew
City & State: Millersville, Maryland

This Company has the best business ethics. They came out to my house on time treated us like they care about our issue. Very professional polite and most importantly honest crew. we had a great experience and i will refer everyone in my family and friends to TrapPro.

by Mikel on TRAPPRO
Raccoon-Free Attic
City & State: New Carrollton, MD

Prompt, affordable, friendly, customer service oriented, and definitely experts at wildlife removal. Both John and Larry are pros at explaining the process and the animal psychology leading up to a successfully trapped pest. Trap Pro is the real deal!!

by Debbie on TRAPPRO
highly recommend!
City & State: Clarksville, MD

I arrived home to on a Friday at 5:00 to find a snake in my garage. I was very upset and called Trappro. By 6:00, Eric and John were here to take it away. They inspected my garage to be sure there were no more snakes and suggested I that have the weather stripping replaced on the garage door. They were prompt, courteous and extremely professional. I hope I don't have to call again, but I will request Eric and John should I have anymore unwelcome wildlife! Thank you.

by Yelp Review on TRAPPRO
Extremely Pleased
City & State: Bethesda Maryland

Great company and customer service.I had 3 bird nests in roof eaves.The tech Larry came out. Vey professional/knowledgeable.Closed out 1 opening, where there were no bird bests.I waited until the others flew away.Trappro came back out and closed out the other two openings.rare is the business that shows up and when they are supposed to!I am extremely pleased and would recommend without hesitation.

by B. Branning on TRAPPRO
Awesome service
City & State: Towson, MD

I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with my service from TrapPro! I called early this morning because there was a bat in my house. They called me back promptly after their office opened and gave me an appointment window from 10 AM – 12 noon. John arrived right around 10:30 and couldn't have been nicer. His calm and friendly manner definitely helped calm me down. He was very thorough and moved furniture, etc. in order to try and find the bat. And…he did! It had crawled underneath a large entertainment center and was hiding there. I would never have been able to move that piece of furniture myself. I can't say enough about the quick response and professionalism of TrapPro and John in particular. Will recommend them to anyone with "critter issues". Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

by Michael and Laurel Gombatz on TRAPPRO
Bats by the Chimney
City & State: Riva, MD 21140

We didn't realize that bats had taken up residence in the space between our chimney and the soffit until we noticed the droppings on our deck. It took a visit from Annapolis Pest Control who was there to do a termite prevention treatment to identify what that mess was. The technician told us, "I think you have bats." He referred us to Trap Pro and we are so glad he did.
Steve came the day that we called and inspected the attic and outside our house. He found the colony beside a chimney way up where the soffit meets the bricks--above our deck. We followed his recommendations to take care of the bats and to put barriers at vulnerable spots all around the house. He also recommended we replace our broken attic fan with a new one. Joe and Eric came on a few days ago to install the one-way bat mechanism. Those guys worked so hard in the heat. They were polite and competent.
Hopefully, the bats will find a new home somewhere. If they hadn't been so indelicate about soiling our deck, we would have loved to have them. We haven't seen a mosquito for a while now, and we have our former (I hope) batty guests to thank.

by D. Anderson on TRAPPRO
Squirrels no more
City & State: Silver spring, md

I had the best employees from trap pro, John Carpenter and George Click. They both took the time to answer 'all' my questions,they were extremely knowledgeable. I was uncomfortable about any residual damage in my attic that may have been made by the squirrels, but John Carpenter, who gave me daily updates, made sure I was satisfied by rechecking after the squirrels were removed that no more squirrels or additional damage was done by them. I was very impressed that they did not rush me but made sure I was satisfied. I am quite impressed that I was not brushed off, but instead made sure that my concerns were addressed. I would not hesitated to refer this company to others because of the satisfactory results I received and how reassured I felt that my needs were met.

D. Anderson
Silver Spring, MD.

by Ronald Miller on TRAPPRO
Great Employees
City & State: Bowie, MD

Larry and John came out to install, service, remove and repair the traps and the damage squirrels had caused to my attic. They came out in torrential rain and were pleasant and professional each time. They did outstanding work.

by Virginia on TRAPPRO
Have A Heart
City & State: College Park, MD

A lot on my plate trying to take care of my mom's property - and I call Trappro, like my mom did, to check out a squirrel/s in the attic. The workers were courteous, informative, and took extra time to explain to me what they were doing and what the process was. George started the process and gave me confidence, and then John stopped by several times to check the squirrel traps, and keep me informed. John is professional and likes his job (what a relief in today's world). He went the extra mile to keep me informed, say hi, and let me know the company was on top of my animal problem. He also has a heart- noticed my worry about all this, and went the extra mile. Companies need more employees like John. I sincerely appreciated their repeat customer discount as well, though I think their repair estimates are a little high.

by Alberta White on TRAPPRO
Extraordinary Customer Service
City & State: Alexandria VA

Trappro is an exceptional company. The professionalism, integrity and customer service is first-class. I communicated with Karl, Emily, George, Vince, Wendy, Steve, Sam and Dave from Dec 23, when squirrels were detected in my attic to March 26, when Sam and Dave performed the contamination cleanup. All employees are knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile with a smile. I highly recommend this company.

by Terri m on TRAPPRO
Great Service
City & State: Washington, D.C.

What a great job on my recent attic clean up. I received several quotes from several companies and was told the job was too much by many. Sam from Trappeo came to my house and completed the job with ease. Everyone was honest and respectful and I was thankful for the honesty and respect I received. Thanks to Mr. Steve and to Sam who did the job in a not so perfect environment. Thank you both again for the job well fine. I'll recommend you both to all my friends.

by Ginny H on TRAPPRO
Exceptional Service
City & State: DC

I wanted to compliment Trappro for the recent job they did at my personal residence. I do not know his last name, shame on me, but a young gentleman named Sam did an exceptionally professional job for my family. He came to inspect our home for squirrels and repair our home so that we could be assured we had no other additional problems. He took time to explain what he was going to do before he began and what he discovered and then how he was going to fix the issue. He was professional and kind and I felt as though he respected our personal property and wishes. I feel the whole company from Steve to the girls in the office did a fantastic job. Kudos to you all. Keep up the good work. You have a great team and a wonderful young man in Sam. Sincerely Ginny

by Elizabeth Gibson on TRAPPRO
Awesome job!
City & State: Crofton, Maryland

John from Trappro arrived this morning to change out the squirrel traps. He is awesome, polite, and has absolutely no fear! You rock! Thank you Trappro

by Roger Bond on TRAPPRO
First Class Work!
City & State: Fairfax, VA 22030

Very pleased with the service done on my daughter's townhouse yesterday and the professionalism and friendly, positive attitude of the staff. I would recommend this organization to one and all!

by S. on TRAPPRO
Exceptional Staff & Service
City & State: Silver Spring, MD

The very knowledgeable TRAP PRO representative, George, assessed the obvious entry points that had been forged by unwelcome wildlife, and even discovered a couple of not so obvious ones. He then presented reasonably priced options and scheduled timely repairs. Exceptionally professional and personable service from both George as the Technician and Wendy in the office. Trappro is recommended with no reservations.

by Kathy France on TRAPPRO
Great Service!
City & State: Rockville, Maryland

TRAP PRO was very professional and solved the problem of uninvited Raccoon visitors in my house. They explained what would happen and answered all my questions. I was treated with respect by all employees of TRAP PRO. They solved a problem that was weighing very heavy on my mind. I would not hesitate to call them if I ever have a problem with raccoons or any other wildlife entering my house.

by D. "Willow" Butcher on TRAPPRO
Awesome Service!!!
City & State: Falls Church, VA

When some HUGE raccoons decided to take over my roof and chimney (which needed 2 chimney caps) I contacted TRAP PRO. Wendy in the office always spoke with me like I mattered, and the entire team of guys that either installed, monitored and installed my new chimney caps once we knew it was safe and no animals were in my chimney, all were so awesome to work with! While I seemed to have made an impact on the raccoons one morning climbing right up my brick chimney/house with an unappreciated 6 AM cold shower (I was in "this means war mode", they all decided to relocate and glad really none of them had to be trapped and relocated. If I ever had ANY rodent, wild animal situation again, I would call the TRAP PRO team 100%, and made sure I asked for several business cards to pass along if needed.
Thanks to you all!

by Terry on TRAPPRO
City & State: Springfield, VA

Trap Pro is outstanding! George explained everything @ squirrels living behind our siding. He is as personable as he is professional. We wish all companies were run so efficiently!

by Richard on TRAPPRO
Thank You
City & State: Brookeville, MD

I had birds in my gutters. They went out in there, removed all the nesting, and then sealed it up for me.....I would use them again, and I would recommend them to other people.

by Anna on TRAPPRO
Very Professional
City & State: Woodbine, MD

Inspection for bat and mice entry into the home... Very professional....

by Rose on TRAPPRO
Ground Hog Removal
City & State: Maryland

TrapPro removed 5-8 ground hogs off my property through humane traps. Ground Hogs have been making tunnels under my barn and in other outbuildings on my property. Trap Pro came out the same day I called and left 2 traps ..... I appreciate their responsiveness and professionalism and the fact that they could be removed and relocated.

by Tom on TRAPPRO
Bat and Raccoon Removal
City & State: Oakton, Virginia

We had bats and a raccoon removed from the house. Trappro was great - we had a couple of problems with some bats that were hiding behind shutters and a racoon digging a home under our front porch. Trappro was very professional, on time and also give a complete inspection of our entire home to full proof it from all animals.

by John on TRAPPRO
VERY Pleased
City & State: Cheverly, MD

They came out, did a thorough review of the attic and outside of the house and determined that trapping would not be necessary. What they did do was install wire mesh on the outside of all three attic gable vents and installed a drip edge along the back gutter line of the house to close up holes that the squirrels had made. We're VERY pleased with the outcome and just wish we had contacted them sooner.

by Susan on TRAPPRO
Bird Removal
City & State: Washington DC

Steve looked at the situation (assured me that there were no eggs or babies yet), cleared out the birds and their mess, sealed up the hole, and swept away the debris. Steve was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly.

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